We have been importing and exporting since 1997.

We export different products from various business fields. We have been in the field of Electric Traveling Crane and Briquetting and Paving Machines for 11 years. We are exporting Hospital equipments to various countries from our German office. We also added fire extinguisher and wedge exports for Portfolio Carriages.


We are successfully exporting to 34 countries of the world so far and we supply their requests successfully. We have succeeded with our commercial customers. We follow the needs of these 34 countries' markets. And we provide them with the products of Turkish producers. In addition, we have sufficient experience in the psychology, culture and trade of the people of these 34 countries. We have developed our strategy against all kinds of problems.

We will continue to provide you and our customers with the best product at the best prices.

We can see you among us.